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Take your landscaping project to the next level with the elegance of our cast stone wall caps and finials.

Each of our products is of the highest-quality architectural cast stone. We appreciate an aesthetically appealing interior and exterior, and aim to match our artistry to discerning buyers’ taste. Each cast stone wall cap is finished to perfection, and tested for durability against age and effects of environmental factors.

From ball cap to pyramid, you will find a variety of designs in our range to finish up your gateways and piers in style.

Product: Pyramid Pier Cap
Base Dimension: 10″ x 10″ / 14″ x 14″
Height: 7″ / 8″
Color: White

Custom size and color available.

Product: Ball Pier Cap
Base Dimension: 14″ x 14″
Ball Dimension: 10″ Diameter
Height: 18″
Color: White

Custom size and color available.

Product: Square Pier Cap
Length: 48″
Width: 14″ X 14″
Height: 3″

Custom size and color available.

Product Drawings:

PC-SQ-14 x 14

PC-SQ-16 x 16

PC-SQ-18 x 18

PC-SQ-20 x 20